Build a city, crush your neighbours, and then... Try to convince them not to revolt against your legitimate rule.
Feudal Feud is an upcoming and free diplomacy, conquest and strategy mobile game. It is a wargame lite played in real-time over a period of a few weeks. You share a map with 100 other players with whom you'll need to negotiate, ally and schemes to dominate the region.

Players you conquer become your vassals. But you'll have to convince them not to revolt if you wish to truly establish your hegemony. However, limited life expectancy means that keeping your strengths and waiting for the death of your own liege may sometime be a better course of action than openly revolting.

Noteworthy mechanics
  • Grow as much as possible in an ever-shifting player-made political landscape.
  • Players you conquer become your vassals.
  • Try to focus them on your objectives instead of fighting each other.
  • Revolt against your own liege to gain independence, or bid your time and prepare yourself for his inevitable death.
  • Unlock new buildings in your capital by controlling as much territory as possible through your vassals.
  • Unlock global talents that are carried over in every game you play.
  • Unlock city types with different objectives for your next games.

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The empire is crumbling. You are the future. You are a feudal lord.

Feudal Feud is an upcoming multiplayer conquest and strategy game unique of its kind, that allows you to become a great feudal lord. As such, you’ll need to carefully manage your kingdom and expand it through conquests. But beware, controlling all the surrounding land will not be easy. You’ll need to submit other players to your authority and develop a good strategy. Each victory against an enemy’s capital will instantly transform him into a vassal who will pay you a regular tribute. You might then want to protect and help him expend to make your revenue grow.

However, watch your vassals closely, they could be waiting silently for the best time to revolt against you! If they do, you’ll have to crush their revolt and conquer them again. In Feudal Feud, players can’t be destroyed and kicked out of the map, no matter how annoyed you are against a particular scheming, backstabbing and obstinate player.

All against all, almost

When you take charge of a city, you’ll have a few weeks to carve your mark in the history of your region, an imperial province of a crumbling empire. You’ll not be alone, almost 100 lords will use ingenuity, cunning and plain ruthlessness in pursuit of domination. Anyhow, at first, you’ll need very few territories to keep growing and you’ll be able to watch quietly how the conflicts are developing between the older players.

As you become more influential, and the province’s most powerful players begin to die of old age, the shifting balance of power will give you many opportunities for conflict and profit. One day perhaps you’ll be able to unite the province under your authority. Maybe the emperor would then recognize your accomplishment and be persuaded to appoint you as governor to keep, at least officially, its sovereignty over the region... Who knows.

Urubu Studio

We are a young indie studio pushing its first game on mobile platforms. We aim at making innovative and thoughtful games and we are confident that you will find Feudal Feud fun and rewarding.